Horror Found at T&S Rabbits in East Bridgford, Notts

What was witnessed yesterday at T&S Rabbits in East Bridgford was even worse than we’d expected.

Rabbits forced to live with painful infections and injuries, in their own filth, on wire mesh floors in barren runs or in tiny hutches.

Rabbit with head tilt caged at TnS Rabbit fur farm
Rabbit with has a severe ear infection and head tilt, caged in filth at T&S and forced to walk on thick wire mesh
Multiple rabbits kept like this, living in solitary confinement in hutches not even big enough for them to stand to full height or stretch out.

Many covered in filth – the rabbits pictured below should be pure white – many with obvious mite infestations, in overcrowded pens with unstable hierarchies, causing bullying of the ill and weaker rabbits, including urine spraying.


Living in filth – this rabbit should be pure white, and is clearly in pain judging by their facial grimace and ear position. 
Fur stained almost completely yellow by relentless bullying, caused by being kept caged with incompatible cage-mates

We even discovered partially burned bodies of deceased individuals.

Burned remains of a deceased baby rabbit found on site.

The worker on site thought there was no issue with the filth, leaving suffering animals without veterinary treatment, keeping naturally athletic animals in 3ft boxes, feeding unsuitable food, and ultimately turning them into vulgar garments – she even found this something to laugh about.

There is now an ongoing RSPCA investigation into what we found here – anyone who was in attendance yesterday please forward any images or videos taken to Nottingham Animal Rights or ourselves, you can email any large files to Rabbitfarmresistance@privacyrequired.com and these shall be forwarded on to the RSPCA.