Vote NO on HB 5263 – Save Thousands of Rabbits from Slaughter!


Vote NO on HB 5263 – There is a hearing TODAY 1st March for the bill, which if passed will sentence thousands of rabbits to a cruel existence and violent slaughter.

This bill will allow the processing of thousands of rabbits for food consumption in Connecticut, USA. This proposal by the Department of Agriculture’s will bring the intensive factory farming of rabbits to Connecticut under the guise of promoting farming in the state.

Include your name and address in the email in order for it to be considered.
You can email from anywhere in the world, you don’t have to be from the USA to make your voice heard!

Please feel free to use the sample email below:

FAO Commerce Committee,

I am writing to urge you to vote NO on HB 5263.

Rabbits are complex individuals who deserve so much more than to be used in this way. They are naturally fearful animals who do not cope well in a farming environment, and they will experience extreme stress at slaughter.
Rabbits are, shockingly, exempt from the Humane Slaughter Act 85-765. Among other things, this means rabbits may be fully conscious while being slaughtered. They do not need to be stunned before slaughter and an inspector is not required to be present, leaving them vulnerable to the worst kind of abuse with no requirement for documentation or supervision.
Rabbit farms will be a breeding ground for disease, with so many animals packed into one space. The highly contagious Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease will thrive in such conditions, and this could lead to the decimation of wild and domestic rabbits in the area.
There is very little demand for rabbit meat, most people are repulsed at the thought of consuming the third most popular household pet. People are in fact choosing to avoid animal products altogether in record numbers. Whole Foods and other specialty stores have long stopped selling rabbit meat after concluding there was no market for sales.
There is simply no need for such a backwards step to allow intensive rabbit farming and slaughter in this day and age.

Yours Sincerely