About T&S Rabbits

“T&S Rabbits” is the name under which Phil Kerry and his associates market the bodies and skins of the rabbits whom they exploit.

You can view their sordid website here: http://www.tandsrabbits.co.uk

It doesn’t officially exist – T&S Rabbits isn’t a registered company name. Planning applications for their farms are made under the name “T&S Nurseries” which is a dissolved company, and more recently “B.C.H UK Ltd.” which is an active company owned by Phil Kerry, his son Jonathan and associate James Chapman. The nature of this company is listed as “Buying and selling of own real estate”.

This alone should give you the biggest hint as to what Kerry’s ultimate goal is here – developing unspoilt rural land, which would otherwise never obtain planning permission for personal dwellings. To do this, unfortunately he has chosen to use and abuse sentient beings.

He uses the prospect that rabbits require a worker to be present on site 24/7 to attempt to gain planning permission for a temporary dwelling such as a caravan or log cabin. Once this has been in place for 3 years and the “farm” has been proven to be profitable, it can be replaced with a permanent brick built dwelling – opening the doors for development on the once unspoilt land. Every one of the pieces of land he owns that have been visited are now decimated, far from the diverse and rich pasture land they once were, paved over and built upon – in many cases, even without planning permission granted to do so. 

He uses the planning permission as a way to sell the land on to developers for extortionate prices compared to what the land would have been worth as undeveloped agricultural land, many adverts are still online where he boasts at the planning opportunity as a sales pitch: https://www.onthemarket.com/details/5075975/

Granby Sales Brochure

It appears along the way he has also noticed there to be a profit in selling rabbit’s skins – check out the extortionately priced, hideous fur garments sold via the T&S Rabbits website. Fur farming is banned in the UK, but is allowed under the loophole that it is created as a “byproduct” to meat production – which is claimed to be the case here.

The farms claim to be “free range”, but have been found to be anything but. There is no legal definition as to what constitutes free range where rabbits are concerned, and of course, Kerry has exploited this loophole, too. The rabbits are in reality kept in tiny and inadequate hutches, many not even let out to roam the small pens enclosing them. Those that are allowed into the pens, have to walk on thick wire mesh and have no access to fresh grass. The pens are overcrowded and the rabbits are kept with unsuitable cage-mates, which is causing bullying. This can be viewed in the footage Animal Aid recorded when they visited his farm in Atlow, Derbyshire: https://www.animalaid.org.uk/stoprabbitfarms/

And in the images activists obtained whilst visiting the farm in East Bridgford: Horror Found at T&S Rabbits in East Bridgford, Notts

T&S originally planned to create rabbit battery farms, and there is nothing to say they do not intend to return to this system – or indeed that they are farmed in this way out of sight, since it is entirely legal in the UK to do so. To even once consider this type of farming system shows they do not have the rabbits best interests at heart. 

It truly is inexcusable to be using sentient beings as a vehicle to develop land, turning to animal exploitation after failing to gain permission by using tree nurseries and vineyards. He was even exposed before as a scam artist when his “Spectacular Land” attempt to sell off his land as “investment opportunities” failed once people realised gaining planning permission for housing on agricultural land is no easy feat, despite Kerry leading them to believe that was the case – see http://www.spectacularlandscam.co.uk

In summary – they are an all-round morally bankrupt enterprise. We cannot allow people with such questionable morals to be in charge of facilities where the lives of sentient beings are at their mercy.